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The firm "POLOTON" s.r.o., Czech Republic, was founded in 1999. It is the official partner of Energoavtomatika Ltd, Russia, for sales and execution projects of the leak detection systems in Europe. POLOTON provides deliveries of program complexes for operate of a pipeline transport. The high-quality and efficiency of deliverable systems was appreciated by our customers such as "Mazeikiu Nafta" Lithuania, "LatRosTrans" Latvia, "Cegelec" Germany.

The POLOTON keeps up constantly partner relations with the main suppliers of necessary equipment for execution of the task according automation of transpose, registration and definition of quality transferred and stored oil products. The company specialists have large practical experience in installation systems and separate equipment of the "Solartron", "Smith", "FaureHerman", "Controlotron", "Measurex", "Romax" etc.. They are ready to assist in definition of a set technical and software for solution of the concrete industrial tasks inclusive of organization instruction of a guaranty service.


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